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All You Need To Know About Vitapulse

VitaPulse is a naturally produced and packaged product manufactured by Princeton Nutrients’ Company, located out of Woodland Hills California. Due to the changing eating and lifestyle techniques in the present world, this medication has been produced after an outright and intense research to help people in various parts of the world. The drug is associated to Dr Arash Bereliani, a board certified cardiologist.

The primary roles of this unique supplement includes, 

  • Protection against cellular damage
  • Provision of advanced antioxidant assistance to maintain cholesterol levels and healthy cardio function
  • A boost of cell health and mitochondrial health.
  • Minimize inflammation.

Research has shown that in every four deaths recorded in the United States, one is caused by heart-related complications and that is the reason this natural supplement is useful in treating and minimizing occurrences of heart problems.


It has currently become challenging to specify medications offering entire health benefits due to the cases of fraud occurring in the market. VitaPulse has therefore always stood out because it only has three ingredients contained in a capsule enclosure and you are only required to take one pill every single day.

What makes this medication even more appealing to many is because it has minimal side effects compared to similar products in the market.


This natural supplement contains three elements that provide a combined effect to give you a healthy life. The ingredients include,

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q 10) 

  • Although some research published by online health agencies point out that this ingredient has different ultimate benefits, CoQ10 has demonstrated uniqueness compared to other two components in the sense that it also boosts metabolism.
  • Other studies on this ingredient have used 50mg-1200mg daily, stating that VitaPulse is inconsiderate in providing such quantities.

NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) 

  • This component is derived from 1-cysteine amino acid which functions as a building block for protein.
  • It is also a widely consumed form of antioxidant, claimed to be a useful tool when it comes to cancer prevention.
  • WebMD claims that this compound is responsible for reduced homocysteine levels.

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone)

  • This is a compound that provides both neuroprotective and antioxidant effects as published on popular, authoritative websites. Nevertheless, research done on mice show that this element may reduce the size of area damages especially in animal models with acute heart attack.
  • Other studies indicate that it does not offer preventive health benefits to the heart.



Although VitaPulse only contains three ingredients, this product should be adequately tolerated by most consumers; this does not mean that the product may not trigger side effects at all and that is why you should consider consultation with a qualified health practitioner before you start taking this drug.

In some rare cases, there are reports that the product may cause effects such as,

  • Low blood pressure
  • Rashes
  • Fever
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Liver problems



There has been a lot of stories told about many techniques you can use to make sure that your heart is healthy but according to American Heart Association, eating veggies and lots of fruits and minimising consumption of foods rich in trans fats, sodium and saturated fats can help you achieve the same.

They also point out that you will need to have enough exercise which is 2.5 hours of average intensity, physical aerobic activity combined with 75 minutes of vigorous exercise in every week.

You should also have regular wellness examination from your physician and try to avoid substances such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Understand your family heart health history and maintain a healthy weight. Other key methods on this subject are the management of blood sugar, and if you happen to have a cardiovascular disease, there are various available supplements you can use to help minimise the symptoms.


There are a number of ways to purchase VitaPulse, like the Princeton Nutrients website or eBay, but the most convenient option for most people is the online marketplace, Amazon.

The drug’s pricing comprises

  • Six bottles sold at $235 and shipping free
  • Three bottles at $127, and a free shipping service
  • One bottle consists 30 capsules, at $49 and $6.95 for shipment.


Apart from a few cases stating that this product has no health benefits for the heart, the best thing is that it has consequently demonstrated positive feedback from the people who use it. If by any chance you are interested to know whether the ingredients in this product can help you, consider purchasing it at a nearby pharmacy and let us know your experience. If it does not work, the product comes with a 30-day refund policy.

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