Best CBD Oil for Pain: Top Brands in 2021

Many studies reveal CBD oil is pretty effective in various ailments, including headache, neck pain, arthritis pain, etc. This article aims to guide you through that process if you’re looking for the best CBD oil for pain management. Chronic pain is a growing health concern, especially for seniors across the globe. According to a poll conducted by ABC News, about 38 million Americans suffer from different kinds of pain. Among this population, 12 million have used cannabidiol for pain treatment. CBD or cannabidiol is a natural remedy for all pain types. But the market is quite competitive, making it difficult to pick the right brand. So, we’ve listed the best CBD oil brands to give you a good start.

Relieving Bodily Pains: Does CBD Oil Work?

As mentioned earlier, much research has proven the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil. Remember, CBD belongs to the cannabinoid family, which is found in hemp plant extracts. Currently, scientists have identified 100 cannabinoids and over, along with their effects. But the trendiest of these cannabinoids are CBD and THC.

You probably heard of the endocannabinoid system. Yes. Plant cannabinoids like CBD interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system found in the brain. Of course, all human cells comprise chemicals and receptors which interact with each other.

Meanwhile, THC is the cannabinoid that makes people high. This happens whenever THC binds with the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptors. Unlike THC, which binds with CB1 receptors, cannabidiol influences it, resulting in many positive benefits. Of course, this is the reason CBD is quite effective at treating diverse medical conditions; especially, pain.

Cannabidiol doesn’t create a buzz, meaning it won’t interfere with your daily activities. But CBD still does a lot of work in the body to combat pain. It starts with influencing receptors and neurotransmitters. First, CBD binds with TRPV1, a receptor that controls inflammation and pain, limiting pain effects.

What’s more, CBD also influences serotonin and glutamate secretion, hormones that control and alleviate the sensation of pain. That said, let’s look at some scientific evidence about the use of CBD for pain relief.

Scientific Facts About CBD Oil

CBD is the most beneficial in comparison with other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. In 2008, scientists reviewing CBD and pain relief works concluded that cannabidiol causes no health damage when used for pain treatment. In a 2007 study, it was discovered that CBD helps patients suffering from neuropathic pain.

One 2012 study conducted on mice showed that CBD targets abnormal glycine receptors to reduce neuropathic and inflammatory pain. A 2015 study published in the Journal Neurotoxicology revealed that CBD suppresses brain cells’ glutamate levels, associated with pain sensation and transmission.

Evidence from a 2016 study proves a relationship between CBD use and inflammation reduction in arthritis patients. After four days of applying CBD topical to rats, researchers concluded that pain levels were reduced in the affected spots.

Best CBD Oil for Pain: Top 5 Brands In 2021

Now that you’ve seen the background studies, let me point you to the best CBD oil brands on the market.


Fab is the leading manufacturer of CBD products today. So, there’s no doubt that it is on our top list. This company uses some of the best production technology and sells top-quality products to ensure you stay healthy.

But How Did They Achieve This?

Fab CBD balances between top-notch ingredients, production methods, and affordability. They may not be the cheapest today, but the prices are reasonable. Besides, Fab sell their products with transparency. What’s more, Fab sells full-spectrum CBD oil. It means the oil contains necessary terpenes that combine to give you an entourage effect. They also have CBD topicals for joint and muscle that allows you to apply in a specific area. Above all, many users of Fab CBD expressed their satisfaction with the results.



  • Many flavor options
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Excellent customer service
  • Organically Grown hemp
  • Third-Party Tests


  • Not much info on third party test results


If you’re looking for the best CBD oil for anxiety, pain, and inflammation, PureKana is perfect. Their CBD oil topicals have reshaped the lives of thousands of people living in the US. On many occasions, Forbes has named Purkana among the best CBD oil brand in the American market.

Compared with other cannabidiol manufacturers, Purkana uses the CO2 extraction method, resulting in the purest CBD oil. What’s more, this company sells unflavored CBD oil, making it suitable for use as a dietary supplement. According to buyers’ reviews, Purekana CBD oil effectively treats arthritis, pain, sleeplessness, and stress.



  • Full-spectrum extract
  • Zero chemical fertilizers
  • Third-party tested
  • CO2 extraction process
  • No pesticides
  • Extremely pure CBD oil
  • Fast action results


  • Expensive

NuLeaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is the brand to choose when looking for a product to help you build a healthier life. Like Purekana, Nuleaf also uses the CO2 extraction method, resulting in almost 100% pure CBD oil. Besides, the product has a clear gold color, suggesting its strict adherence to high production standards.

What’s more, Nuleaf CBD oil tastes and feels good when consumed. It gives a plant-like smell and flavor whenever, indicating its purity level. Meanwhile, Nuleaf products are expensive, making it unsuitable for people on a budget. That shouldn’t be an issue for you, considering the results when using Nuleaf CBD oil for pain.

NuLeaf Naturals


  • Preservatives and additives-free
  • Organically grown hemp
  • Third-party laboratory test
  • CO2 extraction process
  • Product segmentation
  • Easily accessible


  • Pretty expensive


We recommend Medterra CBD oil for anyone with pain, inflammation, or stress issues. Unlike many CBD oil brands out there, Medterra offers an excellent price to quality ratio. In other words, they offer affordable and high-quality products, which will give you expected results within a short time.

As expected, Medterra also uses the CO2 extraction method, which is quite excellent for preserving the terpenes needed for the entourage effect. Again, their hemp plants are organically grown in Kentucky under strict regulations. Each Medterra product comes with a label that displays the third-party lab test results to inform you of their ingredients. Besides, their products are free of toxins, metals, and microbes that could harm users.

Still, Medterra CBD oil has zero percent THC, so you have little to worry about. The company also display the certification on their products, revealing their compliance with standards.

Medterra CBD Oil


  • Distributes to all over US states
  • CO2 extraction
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Locally grown hemp
  • Third-party tests
  • Cost-effective
  • Toxins-free


  • None


Elixinol has a reputation for its high-quality tinctures, topical balms, liposomes, capsules, and dog treats. The company has a wide range of products from 300mg to 3600mg, making it perfect for those on a budget. Elixinol produces full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains the right cannabinoids needed for pain relief. Again, their CBD oil is pure, making it safe for oral consumption or diet supplements.  

What’s more, Elixinol leads, and others follow when it comes to strict adherence to best industry practices per quality and safety. The company grows one of the best hemp plants in the US. Besides, their products undergo potency and toxin tests and are fully certified to be safe.

Another thing that separates Elixinol cannabidiol products from its competitors is the clear color and unique smell. Elixinol CBD oil products are also available in cinnamints and natural flavors. Of course, many people prefer brands with cinnamint because it tastes better. That said, Elixinol CBD oil is pretty good when used for pain management. So, we highly recommend it for people with headaches or arthritis, searching for a reliable alternative for common drugs.



  • Unique taste
  • Highly potent
  • Pesticide and herbicide-free
  • Zero fertilizers
  • 0% THC
  • CO2 extraction
  • GMP certified
  • Reliable customer support


  • High price

CBD Oil: Benefits and Side Effects

Cannabidiol is a great option for pain relief without experiencing severe side effects. Many studies have proven its efficacy in combating various health challenges. Meanwhile, CBD oil exists in many forms, including topicals, tinctures, vapes, edibles, capsules, etc. Most importantly, CBD oil is easy to take.

The proper way of using CBD tincture is to place some drops on your tongue, then hold it for a few seconds. With that, your tongue membranes will absorb, sending CBD to your bloodstream directly. For CBD oil topical, you can apply it directly to the body part that hurts; but this method takes time. Remember, there are pros and cons for each application method. For instance, vaping produces the fastest results, but many non-smokers may want to use it.

Apart from pain, CBD oil also helps in depression, stress, and anxiety. Besides, people who experienced sleep disorders often experience positive results after using CBD oil for a few weeks. Generally, CBD increases the body’s ability to utilize its endocannabinoid system more effectively. Besides, there is evidence of how cannabidiol helps slow down the body’s anandamide absorption rate. Of course, anandamide is what allows you to feel pain; reducing it means lesser hurting experience.

What’s more, many studies have supported the use of CBD to reduce intestinal inflammation. Again, cannabidiol has been shown to have a positive effect on people’s severe back pain. Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, CBD raises the body’s serotonin levels, resulting in pain relief. It would be best to be mindful of the dosage because different CBD oil products have varying dosages. Washingtonian.com recommends you buy CBD oil products from reputable brands. That said, FDA has not approved CBD for pain management. Nevertheless, this natural drug has helped to change the lives of thousands of US citizens.

Does CBD Have Side Effects?

Remember, your safety is pretty essential. So, you should know how your body reacts after consuming CBD oil. Luckily, cannabidiol is safe for consumption as it doesn’t have any severe side effects. According to the WHO, CBD doesn’t lead to addiction issues. However, a few persons could experience mouth dryness, which is common in many marijuana products. Drink enough water before and after using CBD oil to prevent this issue.

Dizziness and low blood pressure are also associated with CBD oil consumption. Of course, this occurs if you took high doses. Apart from dehydration and dizziness, CBD also causes diarrhea and nausea. Only take in small doses to avoid unnecessary body system reaction. Many people who experience mouth dryness also have low appetite. Surprisingly, CBD oil-related side effects are only temporary. In other words, there’s no permanent damage to your organs or cells following long-term cannabidiol use.

Nevertheless, some medications can interact with CBD. Remember, cannabidiol is a blood thinner, causing low blood pressure, which could be harmful. If you’re on prescription drugs, you consult your doctor before switching to CBD.

In the USA, Where To Buy CBD Oil for Pain

It’s effortless to get CBD oil for sale nowadays because of the rapid growth. Besides, new companies are coming up every month. You can buy CBD oil online from manufacturers or local dispensaries, especially if your state laws support CBD sales. It is not ideal to buy from head shops or food stores. That is because their products are always on the high side, and the quality may be poor. Purchasing CBD oil online enables you to know the different product range available. Also, you’ll be aware of the captivating yearly deals and other incentives for registered customers.

Further, you can confirm how credible the company you want to buy from is. And, you can go through their manufacturing process and check the certificate of analysis. Thus, you’ll be able to ascertain whether they offer the best CBD oils. Reviews from other customers and ratings could be of benefit to you.


Truthfully, CBD oil has tons of health benefits. For example, it helps relieve various levels and types of pain. And that is possible due to cannabidiol’s interaction with the human endocannabinoid system. CBD alters pain to transfer from nerves to the brain. It could also help manage pain and improve an individual’s quality of life in the safest way possible. But, you must consume products that are of high quality from reliable manufacturers. Thus, you’ll be able to reap the therapeutic benefits of CBD. We believe that this article will help you understand more about CBD products. Remember to verify the source of your CBD product before buying it.

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