The Best Plus Size Bikinis by Body Shape

Shopping for a swimsuit can be difficult for any woman. It’s not just about your body type, but also the style and design of the swimwear. This overview piece will showcase some of the leading plus size bikini outfit styles available today.

But, first, let’s look at how you should choose the right swimwear for you.

How to Choose Your Next Plus Size Bikini

Plus size women are not all the same. Some larger girls are more top-heavy than others. In that light, it’s easy to understand how to differentiate between popular bikinis. The one area where you need to be selective is the bust — base your bikini choice around the size of your bust and stomach size. A greater amount of coverage is recommended if you are top-heavy. Meanwhile, bottom-heavy women can show off their chest and reveal more. Their thighs and hips will be more sizable, though, so this area will need more coverage.

Not all women are the same, certainly — look in the mirror and see whether your body is proportionate or if it’s top or bottom-heavy. If there’s a preposition toward one or the other, definitely looking for a plus size bikini that compensates for that difference. Being aware of your body sizing will make it much easier to find the perfect swimsuit.

Best Plus Size Bikinis for Small Busts

You have the freedom of choosing how much cleavage you want to show. With a smaller bust, something as minimalist as a bow tie-style bikini top would work for you. The only recommendation is to look for bikini tops that offer busier designs — look for ruffling, patterns, padding, etc. You might even want to go for a top with removable cups to make your bust stand out a bit more.

plus size bikiniBest Bikini Designs for Large Busts

You want to provide more coverage on your bikini top but still keep it beach-friendly. Look for designs that have volume — since there will be more fabric, a busy design is still a good idea as it takes away from the largeness of the top. You can minimize the size of the top by choosing a design that has a busy look at the bust, but a simple panel covering the area where your chest and stomach meet. Another option to consider, which works well if your hips aren’t overly wide, is a one-piece swimsuit.

Best Swimwear Styles for Larger Hips & Thighs

You might find a bold, attention-grabbing bikini will help you look stylish. Go for a one-piece with a dazzling top half, with a flat minimalist look near the bottom. Make a statement with a pattern around the waist area — even go for some stripes at the mid-section, it won’t hurt. You could have a wide waist and thick thighs and hips; putting a focus on your wider waist will help give the look of a curvaceous body from bottom to top. Alternatively, skip the match designs and have a printed top with a basic bottom (high-cut preferred).

Best Choices for a Straight, Plus-Sized Body

You can avoid using tricky tactics to keep the body looking proportionate. Instead, focus on choosing plus size tops and bottoms that help show off your sexy curves. Stay bold, but look for cut-outs or designs with shirring — this way, you can pull off more of an “hourglass figure.” Go for adjustable straps and an easy to adjust neckline, as the added versatility will help you to tailor it exactly for your body.


Buying a bikini can be difficult for a plus-sized woman. The hardest part is feeling like you cannot just go into a bikini shop and choose any design that looks nice. In reality, there aren’t many limitations to what designs you can pick from — it’s all about figuring out the style that works best for you, which all women have to do regardless of their shape and size.

The four different body types listed here — small bust, large bust, chunky legs ,and proportion BBWs — they all have their unique set of style tips. Evaluate which figure relates to you the most and start looking for design features that will work based on your body shape. From there, you can get pickier about the colors, patterns, etc., and you’ll undoubtedly feel and look confident come summer time!

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