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Among other social media apps, WhatsApp is most popular these days. Almost everyone has WhatsApp in mobile because we use it for daily SMS calls and for sharing information with friends or families. People also have made entertaining groups and course groups where professionals teach their skills to others by delivering daily lectures. But adverse use of WhatsApp also has a bad impact, especially on kids and employees. As there are many inappropriate content-based groups which distract a hardworking person interest.

So, people take the help of spy software, which empowers them to spy on loved ones or employees WhatsApp and protect them from watching harmful content. TheOneSpy cell phone spy app is powerful popular software which facilitates users with its outstanding WhatsApp spy software. Let’s see how the TOS helps users by spying on WhatsApp of the targeted person.

TheOneSpy Whats App Spy Software

TheOneSpy WhatsApp spy app for cell phone empowers the user to spy on all targeted person all activities performed on their WhatsApp.  It spies on all conversations whether verbal or non-verbal. This surveillance software facilitates several users with its dynamic reliable and efficient features. Millions of people believe in it blindly, as it provides real-time results without any delay.

Besides that, TOS also facilitates users with its unique services like 24/7 help desk service, 14-days money-back guarantee, free installation service, and special discounts on events as well. It also works offline, as if the internet is unavailable, it automatically records and saves data.

TOS 4 Ways to Spy on WhatsApp

TOS provides 4 different ways to spy on WhatsApp. All spies on the same information, but each one has their speciality. Here, we will discuss each separately.

  1. WhatsApp Chat Spy

WhatsApp chat spy empowers the user to spy on all conversations of targeted WhatsApp. Users can spy on all incoming and outgoing messages, received and dialled audio/ video calls, voice messages, shared media files, shared locations, and joined groups as well. It provides reliable information on demand.

  1. WhatsApp Keystroke

A user can spy on all typed keys by a targeted person while using WhatsApp. Users can detect secret passwords, secret friends and chats as well. Users can know their Loved ones or employees’ secrets and can prevent them if they are getting indulge in any harmful activity.

  1. WhatsApp Voice Spy

It enables the user to spy on all voice conversations of targeted WhatsApp. Users can track all sent and received voice messages and audio/video call voice as well. Users can monitor their loved one’s tone and talks, so they can detect if their loved one is using abuse or bullying anyone or if anyone is bullying them.

  1. WhatsApp Screen Recorder

It empowers the user to record all activities of the targeted person on WhatsApp. Users can record 1-minute short videos. Users can also send a command to TOS cloud account for automatically recording.

WhatsApp Spy Software

How Does the TOS WhatsApp Spy App Good for Users?

TOS helps users with their unique service and features. Here, we will see how TOS helps different peoples in different situations.

Benefit for Parents

  • TOS gives real-time monitoring access to parents over their kids’ WhatsApp. Parents can spy on their kids’ WhatsApp contacts, their friends, unknown people, inappropriate/harmful groups, and hared material, etc.
  • Parents can monitor all conversations and can detect if anyone is bullying their kid or threatening them, so parents can block them remotely.
  • Parents can put alarms on kids WhatsApp, if kids will use WhatsApp during study time, an automatic alert will be sent to a user cloud account.
  • Parents can also get to know their kid’s interest’s best friends and secret doings as well.

Benefits for Employer

  • An employer can use the TOS WhatsApp spy software to spy on their employee’s activities during duty time.
  • If an employee will share any secret data of a company with a competitor, so the employer can track it and can take serious action against it.
  • An employer can also track all conversations of employees, blocked contacts, joined groups and calls as well.


The result is that the TOS WhatsApp Spy software is an innovative tool that facilitates different users with its unique services and reliable results. TOS also provides solutions for other social apps, but WhatsApp spy software is most popular and preferable as many people are getting benefit from this protection software.

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