Why Choose Custom Boxes for Your Brand Rather Than Pre-Made Boxes?

Custom boxes are the basic need of every company these days. The industries cannot neglect the importance of packaging, because they not only help to make a better outlook of the product but also help in competing better with other companies. Hence, they play a significant role in the success of the companies. They enhance the beauty of the products, which captivate customers’ attention immediately. Therefore, a brand without packaging is nothing and can’t achieve its desired goals.

Customization is a great source, which helps the industries to manufacture boxes right according to their demand. It helps the companies to design the boxes according to their requirements, whether they want for small products or for large. Moreover, companies can use add-ons according to their desire that helps the companies to fulfill their target in a better form.

Difference Between Custom Boxes and Ready-Made Boxes

Custom boxes with logo and ready-made boxes are completely two different things. Custom boxes are generally made according to the demand of the manufacturers. They can design according to style, shape, and structure. They can increase or decrease the size of boxes accordingly. They can print boxes according to the demanded pattern and design. They can use multi-colors of their desired choice. Different types of add-on can also be used. Companies can use the logo of their name, which helps them to recognize their product better publically. The logo also helps to deliver their message as they want.

In contrast with the aforesaid, ready-made boxes are made of standards sizes. The manufacturer cannot design their boxes according to their wishes. They cannot make changes to the structure of the boxes. Even they can’t be printed on favored colors, designs, and images. It’s very difficult to convey the message to the customers with the non-printed boxes, and the whole outlook of your precious merchandise can be boring and dull. No one wants its elegant product to be at risk with ugly packaging boxes due to which ready-made boxes are discouraged over the custom made ones.

Benefits of Customization

In order to get advantages from customization following steps play an important role for the industries;

  1. Printing on the Packaging Boxes

Custom printing plays a key role in the process of personalization as it changes the overlook outlook of the box dramatically. Industries can get various benefits from it such as;

Companies can color their boxes according to their taste. They can color bright, fade, and even the combination of both, which not only help to satisfy their inner will but also make them able to compete with great confidence in the market. Colors play an important role in any sort of product, because they engage the customers, and also force them to at least try once. Moreover, our life is nothing without colors. So, it is one of the major elements that increase the scale of any company.

You can deliver your message through printing. It is an important part of any brand because, through printing, you can write the ingredients of any product, whether it is organic or non-organic.

You can print the picture of the product, which becomes a great source of attraction. The size of the picture can be used according to the demand of the manufacturer.

Moreover, you can print according to the nature of the event. Like, you can make the design in red and white for Christmas. You can use a different design for gift boxes and Easter. These add-ons really force the customers to the allure.

2. Custom Design Boxes

There are many steps included in custom design that really fascinate the customers such as;

You can make the shape of the boxes according to your room. The shapes can be in the form of round, spherical, square and triangular, etc. But generally, companies make boxes according to the shape of the product, which makes the product fix inside that reduces the chances of spoilage.

There are different kind of boxes styles such as; 

  • Sleeve boxes
  • Tuck end boxes
  • Reverse tuck end boxes
  • Gabble boxes
  • Window boxes
  • Display boxes
  • Die-cut boxes

You can choose any kind of boxes, which are mentioned above. These boxes play a vital role in the grace of the product. If the product looks better, then customers generally attract to that product.

Choose Custom Boxes

If the design of your product is unorthodox, then you can make the layout of your boxes according to wish. Generally, in ready-made boxes, you cannot make the structure of your boxes. 

Another important edge of custom designing is that you can make the size of your box accordingly. It can be large, small, or medium. Moreover, you can use multi-size boxes for your product. You can also alter the size whenever you want, but on the other hand, you are not able to do in ready-made.

3. Branding and Marketing

Custom boxes with Logos are specially used for branding because they make the recognition of any brand. You can use the slogan of your company, which is playing a key role in marketing these days. Most of the companies using their slogan to make their reputation better, but if you look on the other side, in pre-made boxes, you are not permitted to use your slogan. That is why custom boxes are playing a major role in branding.

4. Promotional Aspects

Cigarette boxes are also used for promotional purposes. They help in increasing the scale of the brand. These days’ brands are promoting their products by using various discount offers. The element of discount is always an important source of attraction for the public. Moreover, you can print the specialty of your product, which is ultimately a source of promotion.


To sum up, there is no match between custom boxes and pre-made boxes. The custom boxes are far better from ready-made boxes in every sense. So, brands should always prefer custom boxes without compromising on the cost. Even the cost can also be reduced by ordering the boxes in wholesale quantity.

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