Exciting Facts About Cake that you Never Knew Before

Cakes are the most important element of your celebration as they make it more memorable. Have you seen any birthday party without cutting a cake? Of course not! Be it a birthday, an anniversary, or any other occasion; they are incomplete without cutting a cake. People send cake online for expressing love to their dear ones and for making them feel happy. But did you ever think about where the cakes started from and why are they important in our celebrations? If no, then don’t worry as we are here to introduce you to some amazing facts about cakes that will surprise you.

Facts About Cake

  • The National Cake Day is celebrated on the 26th of November.
  • In Roman times, butter and eggs were added to the basic bread for giving it a texture that looks like a cake. In the earlier times, honey was used as a sweetener.
  • The origin of cakes can be tracked from the 17th century. The first cake was made with refined sugar and icing. There was no oven to bake a cake in that time, and hence, the food molds were used.
  • In ancient times, people thought that the candles on cakes would give out smokes. These smokes would carry the thoughts of the Greek people up towards their Gods. That started the tradition of placing candles in the cakes.
  • We all know that cakes are delicious, but still, some say that eating chocolate cake for breakfast helps you lose weight.
  • The cake is an essential element of energy in Greece and served to the Athletes who are playing in the Olympics in 776 BC.
  • The Earth Grains Bakery and all the people living in Fort Payne, Alabama, started making a huge cake that weighed 128,823 pounds. The cake preparation was done on the 18th of October, 1989.
  • Birthday candle tradition originated in ancient Greece, where people would take an ancient form of cake and adorned it with candles. They would take this cake to the temple of Artemis. The candles symbolize the Moon, which was often associated with Artemis.
  • The idea of sweet dreams originates from England in the 17th century, when people would keep fruitcakes under their pillow to give them thoughts about their future loves.
  • The people of Roman origin ate fruit cakes as they kept them full for a longer time. The Britishers then tried with dried fruits that the Mediterranean provided. The trick is to cover the dry fruits in brandy, rum, or drink and then wrap them in foil so that it ripens with time.

Exciting Facts About Cake that you Never Knew Before


  • All of us are celebrating occasions by blowing candles on a birthday cake and making wishes, Right? But do any of you know that the ancient people used to blow one candle at a time? They believed that the smoke from the candles carried their prayers to heaven. The cakes were given as a treat to Moon, and candles symbolized the moonlight.
  • In the southern United Kingdom, a cakewalk dance competition was started by the African-American communities. Cakewalk dance is a very fantastic dance, and whoever did the best won a cake as a prize.
  • Romans initiated the concept of cakes, and back then, in the 8th century, cakes had a simpler version, unlike the modern ones, which are a mix of yummy ingredients.
  • People used to travel far to get birthday cakes in earlier times. As in those times, baking tools and ingredients were costly and were owned only by a few high society bakeries. But, now you can get cakes in various varieties and flavors at the online store at a reasonable price.
  • The cake is also essential for a wedding party, and people from the very beginning made cake cutting a ritual for weddings. Nowadays, you can get vast varieties of cakes for making your weddings more beautiful. You can now order cake online and get it delivered at your home easily.

Final Words

These are some fantastic facts about the cake that will give us more information about where it all began from. These days you can order cake online for your loved ones and send it with your best wishes and love, unlike the earlier times.

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