Fendi’s Pop Up Ski Chalet

It’s no secret how much we love skiing here at OliviaPalermo.com. Being able to lose focus on all of the worries and stress in our minds and just jet down a mountain, surrounded by nature with fresh powder under our ski’s, it’s a real zen moment for us. And when one of our favorite activities becomes the focus of one of our favorite brands, you can bet we’re going to shine a spotlight on it. Introducing the FW17-18 leisurewear collection from FENDI. They’re celebrating the active lifestyle in a playful yet sophisticated way by creating a collection that is precisely balanced with eccentric details and their elegant aesthetic.

Yes there are other goodies in the line, pieces fit to be worn for other activities like tennis and cardio at the gym, but it’s the brocaded tech fabrics embellished with metallic accents and morphed into chic puffers, ski suits and luxurious loungewear that have us eager for the first snowfall of the year. The collection even includes helmets, gloves and ski goggles, including a maxi frameless style, which are decorated with the collection’s iconic logos and motifs, while fur touches give a luxurious, flamboyant touch to the rich knitted pieces and accessories. And in order to properly celebrate, the 6th floor of Bergdorf Goodman is hosting a pop-up ‘ski chalet’ featuring all of the FENDI goodies (both men and women’s collections) for us to shop until our heart is content.

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