Geeky Food: 17 Recipes to GEEK Out Your Thanksgiving

People may not immediately think ‘nerdy’ when they think of Thanksgiving as a holiday. It is all very buttoned up and sorta uptight, actually. It is kind of the opposite of geek holiday (just look at all the football, ugh) but did you know that there are tons of geeky Thanksgiving food recipe out there to ensure your Thanksgiving spread also has our demographic covered?

While most people’s Thanksgiving tables will be laid out to look like some Norman Rockwell painting, you can totally make it so yours looks like it was pulled right from geek pop culture right now, which can be fun to impress friends you invite over for this annual feast.

Okay, enough talk, Turkey Day approaches. On to the geeky food, my fellow pilgrims and Native Americans alike. P.S., sorry what the pilgrims did to you guys, that wasn’t very cool, real talk. Also, this is not a food blog so I am not listing recipes and measurements and crap like that. The little purple VIA you see at the end of each entry will link you to original recipes and such.

Now onto the geeky nom noms that are SURE to impress your geeky guests this Thanksgiving.

1) Cthuken


Geeky Food

You cannot make a list of geeky food and not put the mother of all ethereal beasties on the list. As you can see, this one is not so much for eating as for scarring your guests for life.

Part Thanksgiving celebration, part shoutout to our ancient wise and all-seeing Cthulhu, lord of the underrealm and gobbler of Pumpkin pie and SOULS!

This is really just a modded turkey, now that I think about it. Just add an octopus, some crab legs, and throw some bacon on that beastie and BOOM, done.


2) Wampa Cake

geeky foods

Now here is a geek Thanksgiving food that is not only delicious (coconut y’all) but has the looks to impress and bring some smiles. And anyone who looks at it and doesn’t get the reference you can immediately out from your social group for being tragically non-geeky.

See, so everyone wins. That is both a nerdy and an efficient dish for weeding out the try-hards.


3) Elven Lembas Bread

geeky food

One does not simply MENTION geeky food and not mention an LOTR-inspired dish. Elven Lembas bread is made of, um, elves and lembas I guess. (Though we do know the power it gives you.)

Honestly, I just think the picture of this one is very pretty, but I am not quite sure what you will be eating until you click the actual directions in the forthcoming link at the bottom of this entry.

But yeah, even name dropping this at the table will give you some geek cred.


4) The Yoda Cocktail

geek drinks

You can’t think of geek Thanksgiving food and not realize that some cocktails have to make it into the mix (pun intended) as well.

Why, you ask?

Holidays like Thanksgiving are just glorified excuses for us adults to get drunk and temporarily forget we hate our lives and wish we were still kids. Drinks like this Yoda cocktail really drive home just how stunted we are in our own youths.

Adults drinking drinks based on of movies we loved when we were kids. It is exactly what the Native Americans intended.


5) Turkish Delight

geeky foods for thanksgiving

This famous dish from the Chronicles of Narnia series would get kids to betray their siblings and crap so you KNOW it has to be insanely good. This is one geeky food I really want to try and make myself.

Even looking at that pic (which is the actual end result of the recipe linked here), it almost looks like little clouds. It is ALMOST too pretty to eat.

I am fat, so please note I said almost.


6) Dothraki Blood Pies

geeky foods for thanksgiving

Geeky food and Game of Thrones seem like two things that would go hand-in-hand so I had to include a couple Thrones dishes on this list to make it complete.

And come on, who doesn’t want to eat a pie made from the blood of their fallen enemies?

Good news, the actual recipe is just more of a meat pie than anything else. No actual fatalities needed, which is nice.

Real Thanksgiving had enough of those.

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7) Cheese Buns

geeky foods for Thanksgiving

I would be remiss not to mention some food from the Hunger Games (Catching Fire, specifically) because what is Thanksgiving other than the ULTIMATE hunger game?

Ours involves who gets all the best pieces of Turkey and not the killing off of our peers, so our version seems a little more palatable IRL.

And come on, who doesn’t love a good cheese bun?

*Holds up Mockingjay sign and whistles theme


8) Klingon Green Beans

geeky food for Thanksgiving

Okay, I am just gonna be honest with you. I have no idea how or why these are Klingon green beans. I just know that geek food and Star Trek would have to go together, so I looked it up and voila! Klingon green beans, just like that.

Best part is you don’t need to speak their native tongue to enjoy this interstellar dish.


9) Nuclear (Nuka) Turkey

geeky food

This Fallout-inspired dish will NOT radiate your guests, so relax. And no matter what goes into making it, you can be sure that it is ten times safer than deep frying a turkey.

No, seriously, you could use actual radiation and it would STILL be safer than deep frying a turkey:


10) Mulled Wine

geek drinks

And here you thought inedible sounding blood pies would be the only Game of Thrones recipe on the list. Hell no! What is actually cool is mulled wine has been a thing of fantasy novels for decades now. So you just have to have an apprecaition for the fantasy genre to get into making this creation.

And yes, this one is NOT for the kiddies as it does, indeed, have booze in it. Most drinks with the word “wine” in them do, for future notice.


11) The Han Solo Cocktail

geek drinks

Again, another Thanksgiving geeky food that ISN’T for the kids, this cocktail will make you feel like the most badass dead Star Wars character EVER (besides Boba Fett). The best part?

You get drunk enough and tell it you love it, it says I know.


12) Creamy Chestnut Soup

geeky foods

Another Game of Thrones-inspired dish (Tyrion gets served this by Cersei in A Clash of Kings and is convinced it is poisoned), this Chestnut soup is actually a hearty, tasty dish I have actually tried as a good friend attempted to make it once and did a damn fine job (as far as I know as I have no taste reference to base it upon).

Not your typical soup, but its autumnal flavors will keep your guests clamoring for more until the Rains of Castamere starts playing, that is.

Red Wedding reference for the win. And yes, we are allowed to give ourselves wins.


13) Portal Cake

geeky cakes

This homage to the Portal games works on two levels. On one level, it is a delicious cake that is appealing to the eyes and tasty to the mouth.

On the other hand, the very existence of the cake lets you know THE CAKE IS NOT A LIE! THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THE CAKE IS A LIE ARE THE LIARS! It is a very complex circle.

But serve this and play this song and you just won Thanksgiving, if that is possible.

Btw, we’re geek cake geeks, in case you haven’t noticed, so here are more awesome geek cakes.


14) One Up Star Mini-Sandwiches

geeky food

Something for the kids here, a kind of finger food they can eat between dishes or if they don’t like the fancy-ass string beans with almonds (which no kid does, by the way).

This Super Mario-inspired dish may not give them temporary immortality like the stars in the game do, but they don’t need to know that, so go let them run between traffic after eating one just for laughs.

Just kidding, peoples.


15) Pumm’s Pumpkin Soup

geeky food for thanksgiving

This recipe may be from Skyward Sword and not Breath of the Wild, but it just looks so cool I had to include it. While Breath of the Wild has some AMAZING dishes Link had to craft himself, me thinks you are not going to be forging for food out in the wild anytime soon, so this dish seemed the most practical.

But come on, any dish with the Triforce floating in it INSIDE of a pumpkin has to make the geeky foods for Thanksgiving list. It HAD to.

It is one food on the list that literally LOOKS like Thanksgiving.


16) Butterbeer

geeky drinks

How can you make a list of geeky food to serve your guests at Thanksgiving and NOT have butterbeer on the list? That is just not okay.

And the good thing about the recipe included here is it is non-alcoholic (more of a glorified rootbeer float of sorts) so one doesn’t have to worry about Harry jumping on the table and showing everyone his wand if you catch my Tokyo drift.


Now to end this list right….

17) Eggo Waffles

geeky food

You can even do that one moment from season two when Hopper covered them with chocolate chips and whipped cream.

Bust that out for dessert, do a quick shoutout to Eleven (Err, Jane) from Stranger Things, and bam, watch as all your guests bow before your geek majesty. You’re welcome. Get it, because you are thankful for this list? Damn, I’m good.

So there is your Thanksgiving food for geeks. Which one are YOU gonna try this year?

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