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Isagenix Shakes : A Widely Used Weight Loss Health Product

As popular as Isagenix Shakes may be, it is important for one to explore it for themselves and make up their mind whether it fits, satisfies and meets their goals and needs. This article explores and enlightens on the Isagenix weight loss program, laying bare the facts and separating the truth from lies.

Introducing Isagenix Shakes

Isagenix is a healthy, dietary program designed for people with goals to lose weight fast and efficiently. It is a combination of a number of Isagenix products, including IsaLean Shake, Is a Flush, Ionic Supreme, Hydrate Sticks, Cleanse for Life, Natural Accelerator and Isagenix Snakes.

The Company Behind Isagenix Shakes

Isagenix is a popular name in the weight loss industry. Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, Isagenix LLC has been active in the multi-level marketing industry since 2002. It has carved itself a niche in the industry with effective and efficient weight loss and personal health products. Their products range from weight loss and energy to performance and aging categories.

What Are The Ingredients of Isagenix Shakes?

The different components of the Isagenix diet are made up of different ingredients. Isalean Shakes, for example, contains Whey, Casein protein, sugar, vitamins, and minerals, among other additives. Ionix Supreme is a liquid herbal blend of vitamins and sugar, while Natural Accelerator is a herbal blend of green tea as the main ingredient and vitamins.

AMPED Hydrate Sticks contains vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and sugar in powder form. IsaFlush is a herbal blend made up of Magnesium as the main ingredient, among other minerals. The Cleanse for Life drink is a blend of aloe vera, among other herbs, sugar and B vitamins, while Isagenix Snacks contain a number of proteins, sugar, and electrolytes, among other ingredients.

Isagenix Shakes come in different flavors and tastes, including vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. For most products, the addition of sugar is meant to enhance their taste. Nevertheless, the issue of taste can be quite personal. Thus, the products taste differently to different people, but Isagenix has ensured that their products are fair to taste for all.

How Isagenix Works For Weight Loss

The Isagenix 30 day weight loss program is designed to achieve three main objectives: to lose weight consistently, to tame unhealthy eating behavior, to improve muscle tone, and to support the natural detoxification system of the body. The program incorporates cleanses, snacks, fat burners, and shakes, among other products well researched to produce desired results for consumers.

The weight wellness program is divided into cleanse days and shake days. In the program, Isagenix shakes to replace the first two meals, allowing the intake of between 240 and 280 calories. For the third meal, an intake of between 400 and 600 calories is permitted, translating to just about 1160 calories per day, a very low-calorie diet indeed.

At least one or two cleanse days are recommended per week. Their purpose is to detoxify the body of toxins. On these days, meals and shakes are replaced with four servings of Isagenix Cleanse, in addition to suggested Isagenix snacks and fruits. These days also promote intermittent fasting, where one alternates between fasting and eating.

Supplements taken during the program include Natural Accelerator, or the Isagenix Fat Burner, to enhance weight loss, and IsaFlush, which helps in body cleansing.

Isagenix Isalean Shake

The Pros And Cons Of Isagenix Shakes

The Pros

Isagenix understands the busy lifestyles of today’s generation. Their program fits perfectly with today’s busy lifestyles because the products are but pre-packaged food. This saves a lot of time for most busy people.

The program is also designed to limit calories while providing portion control. Not only that. Isagenix has various options to choose from. One does not have to stick to one program. There is a plan for everyone.

The Cons

Depending on how one chooses to look at it, the Isagenix plan can be thought to be quite expensive. One may also argue that Isagenix products are highly refined, with excessive content of sugar and additives.

Something else that may be of concern is that the supplements are not designed to replace nutrients from wholemeal diets. The program is also not designed to teach healthy, long-term lifestyles of eating real food diets.

Depending on one’s goals, and with good discipline, the Isagenix Shakes work perfectly to achieve the desired results.

What Customers Say

Hearing from people who have used products is more convincing than anything else. Reviewers focus on different aspects of products. As for the users of Isagenix Shakes, some have strongly commended the taste, saying it is either rich, good, delicious, or creamy. Some like the texture, which is thinking, yet not too thick to drink with ease. Others like the fact that the shakes are not too sweet.

The Cost of Isagenix Shakes

All Isagenix products are listed on the Isagenix website, including their prices. They come either in packets or in canisters. The best option is to buy in bulk, to cover the entire period of the program. A 14 servings canister goes for $ 51.95.

The Bottom Line

Isagenix shakes have been widely used worldwide with awesome results and can work for anybody who determines to achieve their specific health goals. Results are achieved much faster with the consistency of use and with the discipline of following the program diligently. Depending on one’s goals, Isagenix Shakes will always deliver. Never mind the price or the relatively high sugar content.


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