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A Detailed Quest Protein Shake Review – Here is Everything You Need to Know

Quest nutrition provides so many products which are aimed at promoting your weight loss goals and overall fitness. Simply put quest protein shake is a rich protein powder which is offered in several sizes and flavors too. The quest protein powder shake offers some low calorie to high proteins ratio. It is therefore advisable to use this product for the post-workout recovery. Apart from that, this shake is low in carbohydrates and high in proteins. It can therefore prevent someone from overeating excess carbohydrates which are not needed.

What are the Ingredients of Quest Protein Shake?

The ingredients in different flavors will vary but for the milkshake flavor, the ingredients include:

  • Whey protein isolate
  • Sucralose
  • Cellulose gum
  • Salt
  • Carrageenan
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Natural flavors
  • Micellar Casein
  • Steviol Glycosides

How to use Quest Protein Shake?

Now that you have known the ingredients which make up this protein shake, you might want to know when to drink protein shakes. It is advisable to use the protein shakes in between meals like a snack. Experts say that you need to use eight ounces cold water or some other chosen liquid for a full scoop of this product. If you are looking to get the best texture, you will be required to whip in your blender. When you want to add fruits or some other ingredients, it might be required to add more water to get the desired consistency.

Benefits of taking Quest Protein Shake

  • Increased Protein Intake

Among the most recognized and documented benefit of this product is muscle growth. Exercise alone with inadequate protein intake leads to poor growth of muscles. However, in case the protein intake matches, you are guaranteed of muscle growth. This powder is very rich in proteins and therefore good for you.

  • It helps to reduce Body Fat

Studies reveal that taking the quest protein shake and combining that with exercise actually helped to reduce body fat. This was in comparison with carbohydrates intake alone. If you are therefore to reduce body fat, it is good you try this product out.

  • Helps in Improving Recovery

Poor recovery might lead to so many issues for those individuals training at very high intensity. To curb that issue, protein intake will be of great importance. A study reveals that a combination of proteins with carbohydrates after workout will accelerate recovery.

  • It elevates Protein Synthesis

Consuming proteins with intervals of four and six hours after working out has been proven to elevate protein synthesis. This will consequently help your body to repair and regrow the muscle fibers which were damaged.

Is there any Side Effects of taking Quest Protein Shake

Is there any Side Effects of taking Quest Protein Shake?

Just as there are so many benefits of the quest protein shake recipes, there still exist some side effects for the same.

  • Leads to Bloating

Quest protein shake consumption might lead to bloating. There have been a few people who have reported this together with nausea and diarrhea. However, this is normally related to the lactose intolerance. This will not be a serious problem though since it does not happen to everyone.

  • It might cause Stress to the Kidneys

Although this has been a myth for a long time, there are actually studies to demonstrate this. You should therefore be aware that too much of the protein powders might be harmful to your kidneys. All the same, resistance exercise proves to be a good way to counteract that.

Are Quest Protein Powders Keto Friendly?

Although it is still possible to meet the protein needs via your diet, the protein powders give a convenient and simple of increasing your protein intake. You shouldn’t therefore get worried to use sports energy drinks like quest protein shake while on Keto diet.  Most people who are following the low carb diets prefer protein powders as way of supplementing their diet.

Final Words

Beginning with the bad side, it is clear that the quest protein shakes will not win awards anytime as good products for health. The protein drinks might contain sucralose & carrageenan. These two ingredients have been proved that they might be risky for your health. Apart from that, this shake has no vitamins & minerals. These are needed if you are to have a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle altogether.

Additionallythis shake is low in fiber which is required to cleanse your body and suppress the appetite. All the same, this shake has a good protein amount at just 22g. Essentiallyin case you want a tasty shake which comes at a good price but low on the health scale, this is the best productIt has a vital role to play in the sports nutrition despite having some side effects.


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