Reinventing the Lob w/ Andre Davis

After such a whirlwind (and of course an exciting) fashion month, it was amazing to see the wonderful reviews of Olivia’s haircut – my interpretation of the lob (long bob). Because of all of the hype around her look, I wanted to share different ways that I style it so if you take the plunge to chop to a shorter length, try some of these ideas to make the most of your new look!

The reason I call it the reinvented Lob is because I made some slight changes. First, it’s about 2-3 inches shorter and there is almost no angle which makes it cleaner. So in the end, it sits above the shoulder with a more long-layered movement and always sits behind the face frame of the hair.

Easy self styling:
I love sexy free hair so less is more, just a little texture helps,
1- I use a medium barrel 1 1/2″ curling iron
2- section the hair from temple – temple so you have top half sections from bottom of the head.
3- so you want to make loose wave so you take 4” parts
4- you take the hair always rap the hair away from the face leaving the very ends out (so don’t rap ends )
5 – after waving the whole head , you take a super big wide tooth comb and comb out the wave until it’s nice and loose.
6- now shake out and go , you have just given your new Lob life!
Keep in mind there are so many ways to style your hair textured straight , super straight etc. just remember, have fun with your hair!


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