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The Truth Behind The Effects of Shakeology Shake

Shakeology is a household name among health and wellness fanatics. However, in the interest of those who prefer we start from the beginning, Shakeology is a company that prides itself in the provision of great shakes for your overall nutritional nourishment. In this post, we shall cover the following areas in this company and its shakes.

Shakeology’s success has lasted for almost a decade since 2009. The company must be delivering good value in order to remain significant in a highly competitive billion dollar market.

What exactly sets Beachbody LLC’s shakes from their contemporaries? Is there more to these Shakeology drinks?

Carl Daikeler, CEO, Beachbody LLC had a diet of an eight-year-old. This was a stark contrast to the fact that his wife, Isabelle, was a diet and nutrition specialist who has worked for top VIPs around the world, specifically to create diet and health shake supplements for them.

Perhaps this was an AHA moment for his wife – who literally just want to make his beloved eat healthier. Daikeler despite his attempts to live and eat healthy doesn’t like vegetables at all. However, he does like those shake proteins that gym buffs would drink. And he only had one request to his wife, to make a healthy shake alternative that, “taste good enough that I can get it down.” His wife did not disappoint.

After a chance meeting with Darin Olien, a fellow nutritionist, who turned out to be the last piece of the Shakeology puzzle, everything as the adage goes, “and the rest was history.”

Literally, Beachbody’s Shakeology product did not intend to become the best-selling weight-loss supplement it has become today. The company just wanted the perfect and effective meal supplements to promote a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

And let’s face it life is hard enough in itself as we stick to a daily schedule and everyone would wish to have extra hours. No matter how people try they just can’t seem to have enough time to eat healthy as the process involves time-consuming meal preparations.

Aside from the lack of time to prepare healthy meals, there is another hurdle. Not everyone is knowledgeable enough to know the right combination of a healthy meal. This is where Shakeology comes in.

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a convenient food supplement which comes in a form of shake powder in sachets. Its creators designed it to give everyone the much-needed combination of essential nutrients in the most hassle-free way.

It was later on discovered to become an effective weight-loss catalyst. Seeing a potential to expand into the $70 billion dollars weight-loss industry its founders then decided to develop other formulations that would result in a fit body.

Other than its healthy-eating advocacy, the Shakeology nutrition principles have resulted in a variety of healthy shake blends. They have now a complete line of shake supplements for adaptogens, proteins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes.


Reading through the Shakeology nutrition facts may just result in a headache. Here’s a low down about the Shakeology ingredients which everyone’s have been dying to know.

Beachbody LLC came up with their five proprietary blends that promote vitamins, nutrients, and minerals needed by the human body, which is separately delivered by each of their select Shakeology ingredients.



At the moment there are 5 Shakeology flavors available are chocolate, vanilla, cafe latte, cafe latte vegan and strawberry. The rest are blends formulated with different benefits.


Their most basic blend is the protein one. It is made of amino acids. Ingredients include chia, flax, pea, quinoa, sacha inchi, and whey. They are intended to assist in bone and muscle formation, as well to give the skin and internal organs a boost.

As the human body age, amino acids deteriorate. This blend is created with nothing but from the highest quality sources of proteins.

Then there’s the antioxidant blend. This one is made up of Camu-camu, acerola cherry, goji berry, green tea Luo Han Guo, pomegranate, vitamins, A, C, and E, and lastly rose hips.

This blend assists in the redox or oxidation-reduction processes in the body which produces toxins. Toxins damage cells and tissues which isn’t good for the body. This shake formulation arms the body with antioxidants to combat that.

Next, is the phytonutrient blend. This was is made up of chlorella, kale, moringa, spinach, and spirulina. Phytonutrients have undeniably assisted humans for centuries in boosting human health and promoting vitality.

It can usually be sourced through a varied diet of vegetables and nutrients. But, who can actually eat each and every fruit and vegetable on a daily basis?

Thankfully, Beachbody has come up with this blend which rids the burden of sourcing the right foods, to keep up with the body’s daily phytonutrient needs.

There is also what the company calls their adaptogen formulation. The ingredients are ashawgandha, maitake, astragalus, cordyceps, maca shisandra, and reishi.

Adaptogens, form its keyword adapt to assist in fighting stress. Early civilizations have been known to source these from the mentioned ingredients earlier. They also serve as the creator’s inspiration in creating this mix.

Highly inspired by the holistic, traditional and ancient wisdom’s approach to health, this blend boosts homeostasis or in lay man’s word improves the body’s balance.

Lastly, but surely not the least of Beachbody’s roster, is their enzyme blend. This one has bacillus coagulans, amylase, cellulase, chicory root, lactase, glucoamylse, invertase, alpha-galatosidase, and yacon root. All of these ingredients may sound foreign.

There’s no need to pronounce each of them right. All that one needs to know that it is highly beneficial in breaking down nutrients in order to ensure these are absorbed by the human body. Probiotics and prebiotics assist in digestion and eliminates bacteria. Overall, they aim to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Side Effects

There were no proven bad side effects nor notable reports, incidents, and claims which has surfaced. Though it has been known that an increased intake of vitamins such as vitamin C is known to reduce melanin production.

This simply means that drinkers may have a whiter and fairer complexion. Now, who would really complain about that?

Final Thoughts

Shakeology’s success didn’t come smoothly without detractors along the way. However, this hasn’t dramatically affected the company has been based on misconceptions. Beachbody Llc has always been transparent with their Shakeology ingredients.

All of which are written in each of the Shakeology nutrition facts in each product. These shakes were originally formulated to promote a balanced-diet for busy individuals.

It is considered sachets of health-goodwills as they make eating healthy as easy as a walk in the park.


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