The Newly Renovated Eleven Madison Park

The Plaza Hotel, Bergdorf Goodman, 30 Rock, there are establishments here in NYC that are, simply-put, iconic, and when mentioned, instantly bring the mind to the city that never sleeps as they are a must-see/try spot for tourists and locals alike. Eleven Madison Park is one of those places, and after less than five months of renovation, the world’s number one awarded restaurant re-opened on October 8th with a brand new look.

“The challenge was to preserve the memory and character of this great historic room, while creating a contemporary space that served their vision of food and service,” says Cloepfil, principal of NYC-based architecture firm Allied Works who collaborated with the owners on the update. They wanted to keep the integrity of the EMP name but with a more modern feel, making the space their own for the very first time. There was just one rule that was put into place, anything that was there before it was a restaurant needed to stay there. So, while the openness and entrance remains the same, there’s now a cooler tonal palette rather than the woods backdrop on the walls, rugs laid over the hardwood floors, minimal lighting and rich brown leather upholstered seating.

The renovation didn’t stop at the newly installed fabric banquettes, expansive kitchen renovation and intimate seating (now serving 80 covers, rather than the previous 400) but extended to the staff’s uniforms as well thanks to the brilliant menswear designer, Todd Snyder.  After opening his Madison Square Park flagship in 2016, Todd Snyder

“At Eleven Madison Park, they create and present food in a very elegant yet modern way, and really set the bar for service. That’s our aim as well – to offer fine craftsmanship and impeccable service with a casual, contemporary feel. Designing their new uniforms is humbling for us and feels like a great synergy.”


The new uniform expresses Snyder’s obsession with suiting and bespoke craftsmanship in the form of a suit crafted from Tollegno 3D wool. This premium Italian material repels stains, smells and water while giving just the right amount of stretch. Each suit will be hand cut and sewn in the USA, at the renowned Southwick Factory, with a trim modern cut for men’s suiting and a slightly more fitted silhouette for the women’s version. It is designed with clever integrated storage for essential tools such as crumbers, pens and wine openers. In sophisticated earth tones with jade accents, the uniform will be worn by all front of house staff, with Italian silk neckwear in four colorways denoting service level.

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