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VitaPulse: The Miracle Heart Supplement Made with CoQ10

When I went looking for a heart supplement to help reduce my risk factors for cardiovascular disease, I was a little worried. To be honest, I had never had such a disappointing realization then after I left my doctor’s office after my most recent checkup. He told me that at 50 years old, while I had maintained good health, and a regular exercise regimen most of my life, my heart health may be starting to deteriorate. And this concerned me.

At this point in my life, I wasn’t really ready to face the fact that I had some potentially serious health concerns, and that they were all directly related to my heart. You see, I was struggling with my weight, I had high blood pressure, and I also had already suffered a mild heart attack at the ripe age of 48. With all of that said, I also knew that cardiovascular disease is the #1 reason for premature death of both men, and women in the United States. So, I didn’t want to ignore the risk factors I had … but I didn’t want to overreact to them either.

How I Found VitaPulse

As with any product, when I first found VitaPulse online I was skeptical. But after spending just a few minutes on the Princeton Nutrients website, I realized that this supplement was unlike any other listed in the search results. All of the rest of the supplements claimed to be comprehensive, but when I dug deeper into the clinical research of the formulas, it turns out the long list of ingredients I saw was just plain complicated – and had little to no clinical backing! But when I went to the Princeton Nutrients website, I immediately saw that each ingredient was backed by real science. And not just for heart health, but for overall health, and longevity as well.

Even so, I still checked out online review sites, like Supplement Geek, for a different perspective of VitaPulse and to see if Princeton Nutrients’ information held up. It did!

The Ingredients of VitaPulse

The VitaPulse formula is a simple 3-ingredient blend made with a variety of compounds known to each approach heart disease risk factors in a different way. Here’s a quick breakdown of the ingredients:

  1. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): An amino acid derivative, this antioxidant compound works inside the body to fight off free radicals – damaging compounds that can steal energy from your hardworking heart cells. Also a precursor to what’s known as the “Mother of antioxidants,” or glutathione, NAC is one of the best ways to boost antioxidant capacity throughout your body.
  1. Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ): This super-charged antioxidant compound is known to help reduce the amount of damage within areas of the heart, thus reducing the risk factors of heart disease. It is especially helpful for those who have already suffered from a cardiovascular event (like yours truly).
  1. CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10): This is my favorite heart healthy antioxidant in the VitaPulse formula. It works in a specific way to increase the power output of the heart muscle, by addressing the energy-producing center of each cell. Known as the mitochondria, this vital nucleus is often damaged by free radical molecules, thus adding the VitaPulse formula to your heart health regimen may help to reduce existing damage to the cardiovascular system.

Can VitaPulse Help Me?

The ingredients in VitaPulse are simple, yet effective. And while each ingredient works in a different way, they all work together synergistically to:

  • Support balanced cholesterol levels
  • Promote proper cardiovascular function
  • Reduce free radical damage to healthy cells
  • Increase energy production inside cardiovascular cells
  • Help maintain healthy blood pressure

The best part about this simple antioxidant formula is that it not only works in these ways to support heart health, but it is also known to be especially helpful for those who have already suffered a cardiovascular event. For this reason, VitaPulse is the ideal healthy heart supplement for anyone looking to reduce cardiovascular risk factors, while also boosting their overall health with the power of antioxidants.

More About CoQ10

As far as vitamins for the heart go, CoQ10 is one of the most effective, and interesting compounds used to help reduce risk factors of heart disease. Not technically a vitamin, CoQ10 is actually a naturally produced compound that your body can make on its own. However, as we age the production of this essential nutrient declines leaving people over the age of 50 with a shorter supply of this heart-healthy antioxidant than they had at birth. Consuming CoQ10 from dietary sources like the VitaPulse formula may help your own reduce risk factors of heart disease including: high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalance, and diabetes. CoQ10 also plays a role in maintaining the integrity of blood vessel walls to support circulatory function.

NOTE: Cholesterol, and CoQ10 are made in the same pathway. And because statins work to block the active pathway, people taking statin medications may also have significantly lower levels of CoQ10. However, taking VitaPulse may help to rebuild the levels of CoQ10 for anyone seeking to increase their antioxidant defenses.

The Miracle of VitaPulse with CoQ10

After my first mild heart attack, I’ll admit I was afraid that I’d never get back to good health. But that’s the miracle of VitaPulse! The simple 3-ingredient formula contains potent antioxidants designed to work together for optimal results even in people who have increased risk factors for heart disease. Able to reduce, repair, and prevent further damage to the healthy tissues of the cardiovascular system, VitaPulse may be just what the doctor ordered for you, too!

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