Zayn Malik’s vegan leather Versus Versace collection wins at the PETA UK Fashion Awards 2017

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (better known as PETA) just announced the winners of their UK Fashion Awards 2017.

This past summer, ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ singer Zayn Malik teamed up with Versus Versace to release a capsule collection featuring black, army green, and eggplant athleisure wear, including eco-leather jackets and pants.

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According to PETA, “… More consumers than ever [are demanding] ethical clothing and accessories for which animals weren’t beaten, slaughtered, or skinned—as well as materials that are kinder to the environment.” Versace’s eco-leather is made from 100 percent polyester and is 100 percent cruelty-free.

For their choice in animaly-friendly materials, the ZAYN X VERSUS capsule collection took home PETA’s Collaboration Award this year. Other winners included H&M, which scored the Red Carpet Dress Award for Rooney Mara’s Vanity Fair Oscar party dress, and Gucci, who earned the coveted Biggest Fashion Moment honor by agreeing to stop using fur in their designs altogether.

“It’s never been more stylish to dress with a conscience,” PETA UK Director Elisa Allen said in a statement. “Today’s designers are embracing ethical and eco-friendly materials because the future of fashion clearly lies in compassionate clothing.”

It’s obvious by Zayn’s designs with Versus Versace that cruelty-free is far from style-free.

Shop the ZAYN X VERSUS collection here.

Learn more about PETA here.

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